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About Carmel-by-the-Sea


  • Artist Colony

    Famous Artist Colony

    In 1910, the Los Angeles Times ran an article stating that "Author and Artist Folk are Establishing the Most Amazing Colony on Earth" in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Today, Carmel continues to attract artists, photographers, writers, actors, and art enthusiasts to its inspiring natural beauty, world-class events, performing arts, fine dining, and relaxation. No wonder why Clint Eastwood, Ansel Adams, and Doris Day, just to name a few, have called Carmel home.

  • Cypress Tree

    California's Jewel City

    The vision of Carmel-by-the-Sea began in early 1903 as "a seaside town on Carmel Beach in the pine forest alongside Carmel Mission." Roads were built to curve around the trees to ensure the natural beauty. California teachers and professors from Stanford and UC Berkeley were attracted to Carmel as well as artists, poets, musicians, and actors. Today, Carmel is as inspiring and beautiful as it was more than a century ago.

  • Clint Eastwood

    Former Mayor Clint Eastwood

    It has been 20 years since "Dirty Harry" was mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, but visitors still ask "Is Clint Eastwood still the mayor?" referring to his one term that everyone apparently forgets ended in 1988 and "Where is the Hog's Breath Inn?" referring to the popular downtown Carmel eatery that Eastwood once owned and frequented. Today, the beautiful Mission Ranch hotel and restaurant is owned by Eastwood and where he can be spotted from time to time.

  • No Street Addresses

    No Street Addresses

    Unwilling to see their village become "citified," Carmel's founding fathers rejected the practice house-to-house mail delivery in favor of a central post office. To this day, there are still no addresses, parking meters or street lights, and no sidewalks outside of Carmel's downtown commercial area. Those seeking directions receive hints such as "fifth house on the east side of Torres Street, green trim, driftwood fence" or by the legendary names adorning most houses, such as "Hansel" or "Sea Urchin." It is, by the way, bad luck to change the name on a Carmel cottage.

  • One Square Mile

    One-Square-Mile European Village

    Carmel-by-the-Sea is a one-of-a-kind, European-style village where everything is walking distance. Within the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea's one-square-mile, visitors can stroll by fairytale cottages, along cobblestone sidewalks, down hidden pathways, and discover a wide variety of boutique shops, gourmet restaurants, world-class art galleries, pampering spas, charming inns, and beautiful parks and sitting areas.

  • Top Rated Destination

    Rated Top-10 U.S. Destination

    Carmel-by-the-Sea is rated the "#7 City Destination in the United States" by Condé Nast Traveler (November 2009, Readers' Choice Awards). Like a jewel found along California's Central Coast, Carmel-by-the-Sea has the sophistication of San Francisco and the glamour of Hollywood nestled into one of most beautiful landscapes in the world.

  • Performing Arts

    Performing Arts Legacy

    Since its inception at the turn of the last century, Carmel has been a stage for performing arts. Within walking distance, you can enjoy a four-star dinner followed by a world-class performance at the historic Golden Bough Playhouse, the intimate Circle theaters, famous outdoor Forest Theater built in 1908, and spectacular 700-seat Sunset Center, worthy of top national performances.

  • Art

    Art Enthusiast's Dream

    Carmel has been a mecca for artists, writers and musicians since the turn of the last century. Today, more than 100 art studios, galleries and antique stores represent the works of master artists, both local and from around the world. What's more, the Carmel Art Association was established in 1927 and is the oldest gallery in Carmel-by-the-Sea. It's also the oldest coop on the West Coast and second oldest in the United States. The association has about 120 active members made up of all local artists.

  • Really cute canine critter

    Dog Heaven on Earth

    Certainly, Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of the most pet-friendly towns in the United States. No one is exactly sure when it began or how, but thanks to celebrities such as Doris Day and Betty White, pets get the limelight in Carmel. Many restaurants, shops, art galleries, and inns are pet-friendly. What's more, dogs can enjoy fresh running water at Carmel Plaza's "Fountain of Woof" and at many water dishes in front of stores and restaurants.

  • Girlfriends

    Popular Girlfriends Getaway

    Imagine a girlfriends getaway where boutique shops, spas, art galleries, world-class food and wine, picturesque white-sand beach, charming hotels and inns, and a host of salons are all within one-square mile. Welcome to a Carmel Girlfriends Getaway, where every personal desire is within walking distance. So park your car, grab your girlfriends, and prepare for a weekend of indulgence in one of the most beautiful places in the world.